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The House in My Head


It’s a harsh landing, and it’s left me shaken, but I still have to walk up to the blackboard. Everyone is looking at me. I open my mouth. Nothing comes out. Nothing at all. The story I could recite from memory barely an hour ago is gone. There’s not a single syllable left. I’m looking all around the classroom, trying to find the beginning of a sentence. But there are so many students, so much furniture and so many things. So many things spinning all around me. It’s chaos in here.

When he gets back from the movie theatre, Vincent can tell his mom exactly what happened in the film, right down to the tiniest detail. But when he has to get up in front of the class and recite a story he has learned by heart, his mind goes blank. The house in his head is just so big, he tends to get lost in there!

The House in My Head takes a good look at attention deficit disorder from an original and accessible angle.


  • A picture book that approaches the topic of attention deficit disorder in an original, accessible way.
  • A storyline inspired by author and illustrator Vigg’s personal experience.
  • An enchanting work of grand design and beautiful imagery.

Rights sold

  • Turkish (world)




“Through these simple, powerful and oh-so striking images and a text that’s endearingly sincere and right at a child’s level, Vigg hones in with feeling and intelligence on what really matters.
– Chantal Fontaine, bookseller, Librairie Moderne

Vincent mange son déjeuner en compagnie de sa mère et de son père. Il dessine.
Vincent entre dans la salle des contrôle. Une pièce dans sa tête où il tente de tout contrôler. Il y a un mur d'écrans de télévision et une console avec des dizaines de boutons.
Vincent est sur la dos du renard et galope à travers les points multicolores en répandant des feuilles de papier noires partout.