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Our True Colours


«I only have one arm: the right one. I like to tell my friends I was in a terrible car crash and lived to tell the tale, but they had to cut my arm off. Ha, ha! That’s not true, though. I was born this way. I’ve been special since the day I came into the world !»

This picture book paints a portrait of 14 beautiful and perfectly atypical children. They may be young, but they’re not afraid to show their true colours and be proud of who they are.

Our True Colours is a celebration of childhood and being unique. You’ll love these poetic texts, endearing characters and stunning illustrations!


  • A picture book that paints fictitious portraits of atypical children to celebrate their uniqueness.
  • Endearing characters and captivating texts penned with author Simon Boulerice’s signature poetic charm.
  • Fabulous illustrations by specialist portrait artist Paule Thibault.




In this picture book, the author takes inspiration from the students he has met over the course of his career to publish a fictitious portrait gallery of children who are quite simply one of a kind. These children are different, they’re exceptional, they’re bursting with life, and they’re working hard to build their own identity. Not only that, their portraits are all magnificently drawn by Paule Thibault, making this book a work of art that will give us all food for thought.
– Les Libraires