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Stories for laughing
This collection is all about enabling children to experience the
sheer pleasure of diving headfirst into a great story.
Stories for laughing is a collection of beautifully
illustrated picture books that dare families to dream, laugh,
escape the ordinary and reframe their world. Once you
discover these strong, creative, funny and likeable heroes,
you’ll want to keep coming back to read more !

Stories for living
A collection of picture books for children that tackle sensitive
topics or address thought-provoking themes – these are the
kinds of books every good bookstore needs !
Stories for living is a compelling collection tackling the
sensitive topics that tend to leave us lost for words. These picture
books are designed to embrace, comfort and help children who are
struggling to come to terms with challenging events, by helping
them and their parents to talk about the emotions involved.

Stories for reading
A collection for early readers designed to spark the joy of reading through short stories that leave ample room for the imagination !
Each series of books is built around a caricature of the author, who becomes the main character and leads the reader on a journey of discovery. Because taking the first steps into reading should be a fun experience !

Features for early readers :

  • One to two sentences per page, with constant placement
  • Stories of 12 pages in length, containing 95 to 150 words
  • A repetitive structure
  • Accessible but varied vocabulary
  • Funny stories with unexpected twists
  • Texts approved by a committee of education advisors,
    remedial tutors and teachers

Fonfon apps
These interactive applications are a gateway for young
readers into the world of their favourite characters and a
platform for them to create stories of their own !


The Fonfon series is designed to spark the joy of reading
in children aged 3 to 8, with colourful, engaging books that
educate, enrich and entertain, all made entirely in Quebec with
eco-friendly materials.

Fonfon holds its talented authors and illustrators in high regard
and embraces a vision of sustainability, releasing only a limited
number of new publications each year to ensure a focus on
carefully curated and beautifully crafted stories that will keep
appealing to children’s imaginations for years to come.

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