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In Between


«Hi! It’s me, Vincent. I know I introduce myself every time I speak to you. I always wonder if you know who I am. You died before I was born, and we never got the chance to hug. Even though you’re not here anymore, everyone talks to me about you. Even people I don’t know. It seems you and I would have got on well.»

In Between explores the theme of grief for children who have never known a deceased relative. The absence of a loved one they never had a chance to meet can elicit so many questions in a child’s mind and leave an indelible mark on the lives of those left behind.

A fresh and inspiring story where no emotions are off-limits.


  • Published to celebrate Fonfon’s tenth anniversary, this picture book echoes the author’s earlier work Never Far Away by approaching the same theme from a different angle.
  • A tale to help families connect in times of mourning, no matter how well they knew the person who passed away.
  • Touching images that perfectly render a delicate subject.



This moving and visually stunning picture book touches on the original theme of grieving for a loved one we never met.
– Marie Allard, La Presse



Des enfants s'amusent à l'extérieur sur une plaine gazonnée pendant l'été. Certains font de la bicyclette alors que d'autres font voler un cerf-volant.
Un enfant en maillot de bain regarde l'eau du haut d'une petite falaise et s'apprête à y sauter.
Un enfant joue au hockey sur une patinoire à l'extérieur en plein hiver. De petites lumières éclairent la patinoire et un grand sapin est décoré.