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My name is Ntangu, and every morning I make a mental list of my stings. But I’m not talking about wasp or mosquito stings! That’s just the word I came up with to mean all the hurtful comments I get about my skin, my hair, or my origins. I don’t know if people realize how much they upset me.

An important book about subtle racism.


  • Theme: This book demystifies some of the microaggressions aimed at members of racialized communities on a daily basis, and provides insight into the mind of a young girl who is experiencing
  • Author: Originally from Guadeloupe, Malika Tirolien is an internationally renowned singer-songwriter. This is her first children’s book. She has also been a spokesperson for Amnesty
    International Canada since 2022.
  • Illustrator: Montrealer Kiara Thompson is a highly promising new graduate. Ntangu is her first children’s book.