Stories for living

Beatrice In The Mist


It can take years of practice for a magician to learn how to disappear. But disappearing is something that comes naturally to me. I’m invisible, but not because I want to be. I’m Beatrice (in the mist)! People look right through me, as if I’m not even here. This is an enveloping story about standing up for yourself.


  • Theme: A touching tale to illustrate the importance of what we project to the people around us.
  • A tool for change: This book can be a tool for teachers and counsellors to help young people who’ve suffered different kinds of neglect.
  • Poetry: There’s a gentle, casual poetry to this text—not too rigidly structured, just the right flow of words for the symbolism of the illustrations.
  • Creators: Partners Chloé Varin and Rémi Allen spent two years working together on this project to bring their vision to life.