Stories for laughing

Moo’s in There


All the farm animals are sound asleep… until something starts making a deafening racket ! Someone is trapped in the barn… but who could it be ? This is a story of new friendships, surprising encounters and a soccer tournament to remember. Cowleen and her friends are back in a brand new adventure ! What a MOO-vellous Day !

Radio host Benoit Dutrizac reveals his talent as a storyteller, delivering zany tales that come to life through the vibrant illustrations of the duo of illustrators known as Bellebrute.


  • A silly picture book that explores many of the different popular expressions about animals we all use.
  • Trotting in on the success of Has Anyone Seen Cowleen? (More than 7,000 copies sold), the same barnyard characters are back in this new adventure.


The story is a pretext to explore the animal expressions we all use, and there are lots of them ! It’s funny, it’s 100% homegrown, and it’s very well done.

– Catherine Trudeau, Plus on est de fous, plus on lit, Radio-Canada Première