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Fred Knows Why All the Dinosaurs Died


Everyone knows that dinosaurs were amazing creatures. But no one really knows why they died out.

Luckily, Fred knows all about it. That’s why he’s gone to great lengths to share all his theories, so everyone will know the truth… or not.


  • This delightful picture book suggests 11 different theories to explain why dinosaurs died out, each more wacky and surprising than the last !
  • Dynamic illustrations bring the characters to hilarious life, while the clever text and a rhythm to the writing turn a mocking eye to some of the things we see in today’s society.


This picture book (…) checks all the right boxes and will make you laugh out loud. Frédérick Wolfe has crafted a gem of a story that children and adults will love. The highly talented illustrator Baptiste Amsallem must have really enjoyed poking fun at these little creatures on the page. His fabulous (and hilarious) watercolour illustrations elevate the story to a whole other level. A fantastic book from a formidable duo !
Katia Courteau, bookseller (Le Port de tête, Montreal)