Stories for laughing

A Chip Too Far ?


Gus the gull is king of the car park, where he guzzles his guts full of crispy chips morning, noon and night. Alone by the riverside, his cousin Gullina gobbles fish down her gullet all day long.

Gus is desperate to go away on holiday, and Gullina can’t stand to be alone a second longer. Together they set off on an adventure, but will they find what they’re looking for ?


  • A laugh-out-loud funny modern fable that handles the theme of envy in a masterful way. 
  • With punchy writing and illustrator France Cormier’s playful artwork, this picture book debut by author Chloé Varin is sure to fly high.


In this hilarious tale about envy and the image we project to others, author Chloé Varin surreptitiously delivers her message to young readers with daring flair. France Cormier’s tongue-in-cheek illustrations are the perfect match for the story, adding all the right character to the two protagonists. This is a fabulous picture book that will teach young readers one of life’s subtle lessons and make them laugh out loud.
– Chantal Fontaine, Les Libraires