Stories for laughing

My Head in the Clouds


My head’s in the clouds a lot of the time.
Daydreaming is my favourite pastime.
I float away and simply forget.
Uh-oh, what now ? Another regret ?

When I get home after being away,
I’ve lost all my luggage ! That’s my way.
My mind just wanders. It likes to play.
It’s like that every single day!

Travel the world with an unlikely adventurer and find your own treasures !


  • A fabulous picture book that takes readers on a tour of the world’s wonders. As the pages travel from the Great Wall of China and the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Grand Canyon and Machu Picchu, the delicate poetry of the text explores the different meanings of the word “loss.”


The narrator’s voice makes for a pleasant distraction in this poetic introduction to the joys of travel. Danielle Chaperon invites readers on a journey around the globe to discover the amazing people and fascinating places the main character encounters as she loses or forgets things along the way. Josée Bisaillon’s illustrations bring the whole fantastic voyage to life and are sure to give readers young and old something to dream about.”
– Pierre-Alexandre Bonin, Les Libraires



  • Winner of the award for children’s book illustration at the Trois-Rivières book fair, Picture Book category
  • Shortlisted for the Peuplier Award, Picture Book category, part of the La forêt de la lecture contest 2018


  • Rights sold in English (North America)
  • Rights sold in simplified Chinese (China)