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Charlie Fights Back – App

Discover Charlot’s adventures and create your own stories!

Charlie Fights Back is an allegorical story easing the delicate topic of disease in children, with a light and cute tone. Funny monsters, bespectacled doctors, and musical white corpuscles compose the universe of a brave young boy and his favorite stuffed toy!

Major caracteristics

Interactive enriched book

  • Original illustrations and texts
  • Original music
  • 2 modes : with and without prerecorded narration
  • Highlighting of the words while listening to the prerecorded narration
  • Mini-games
  • Multiple interactions provoking sounds and animations
  • Collect of visual elements to be used in the creation platform


Creation platform

  • Create up to 5 books of 10 pages maximum, allowing to edit along the way
  • Choose backgrounds, characters and objects in a visual database of illustrations from the enriched book
  • Change the size, rotate and place the visuals
  • Record your voice
  • Add text
  • Choose a cover among three options
  • Add a title and an author name