Fonfon interactive

Has anyone seen Cowleen ? – App

Meet Cowleen, her calf and all their farm friends, and have fun making up your own stories !

A sad little calf on a farm in the country cries to himself. His mother Cowleen is nowhere to be found. What can he do to pass the time until she returns? His barnyard buddies come up with a string of jokes and jibes to put a smile back on his face. But can the duck’s yuks, the pig’s digs, the lamb’s slams, the chick’s shtick and the goat’s quotes get the calf to laugh?

Major caracteristics

Interactive enriched book

  • Original illustrations and texts
  • Original music
  • 2 modes : with and without prerecorded narration
  • Highlighting of the words while listening to the prerecorded narration
  • Mini-games
  • Multiple interactions provoking sounds and animations
  • Collect of visual elements to be used in the creation platform


Creation platform

  • Create up to 5 books of 10 pages maximum, allowing to edit along the way
  • Choose backgrounds, characters and objects in a visual database of illustrations from the enriched book
  • Change the size, rotate and place the visuals
  • Record your voice
  • Add text
  • Choose a cover among three options
  • Add a title and an author name